FM Transmitter CA 300 - Connect to power

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Connect to power

To switch on the transmitter, insert
the cigarette lighter plug (part 1
shown on the title page) to the
cigarette lighter socket of your car.

The display (2) lights up. Power must
be supplied by the 12-volt car battery.

Ensure that the transmitter is properly
inserted in the cigarette lighter socket

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and does not interfere with the
normal operation of the car.

In some car models, the cigarette
lighter socket is powered by the car
battery even when you remove the
ignition key. In those cases, the car
battery might be discharged even if
the transmitter is not used. Contact
the vehicle manufacturer for more

The best performance can be achieved
when the distance between the FM

transmitter and the radio antenna is
under 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches).

To charge the battery of your
compatible Nokia device while using
the transmitter, insert the 2.0-mm
charger plug (7) into the charger
connector on your device.

To switch off the transmitter, pull the
cigarette lighter plug from the
cigarette lighter socket.